When we brought our miniature dachshund Otis to the Danville Veterinary Hospital for an emergency back injury we were greeted with kindness and compassion from all of the staff. We were quickly brought into a room for him to be evaluated. Otis was sedated for xrays of his back, and then given pain medication to make him more comfortable. We were told that he had sustained a severe back injury that had caused paralysis in his hind legs, and that he had about a 30% chance of recovery from it. We were given 3 treatment options: to take him to Purdue for an expensive surgical intervention, to have him stay at the animal hospital over the weekend for medications, or to euthanize him. After much thought, we decided to have him stay at the animal hospital for the weekend where he would receive pain medication, steroids, and iv fluids. Dr Strahla and staff were very helpful and answered any questions that we had.We were told we could call to check on him or come visit anytime during office hours over the weekend. Dr. Strahla called twice a day with updates on Otis and he steadily improved daily while there. We picked Otis up after 3 nights in the hospital and were able to bring him home on pain meds, muscle relaxers, and steroids. Again, the staff answered any questions that we had and instructed us on how we would take care of Otis when we got home. We also took him to a holistic vet where he received a total of 3 elecroacupuncture treatments and was started on 2 different supplements. Otis started receiving laser treatments to his back at the Danville Veterinary Hospital which were highly recommended by Dr Strahla. Approximately 2.5 weeks after Otis injured his back he began to get feeling back in his legs and slowly started to walk again. He has also regained control of his bowels and bladder which were affected by his injury. We are now almost 5 weeks out from Otisí injury and he is continuing to get better every day, walking more and more. We are amazed and so happy that Otis has made such a remarkable recovery. This would not have been possible without Dr Strahla and her team who have worked hard to help Otis heal over the past several weeks. We cannot thank them enough for their hard work, dedication, and the compassion they have shown to Otis. The staff even all know Otis by name and greet us when we walk through the door for our weekly visits. Just another special touch that makes our day when we visit. I highly recommend anyone to take their pets to Danville Veterinary Hospital for anything from routine visits to emergency care. We would like to thank Dr Strahla and her staff from the bottom of our hearts for helping Otis to recover to nearly 100% and be able to lead a happy, healthy, quality life.

Tayetim, Andy, and Otis